Press Statements 2022

The press conference for the Viennale 2022 took place today at the Metro Kinokulturhaus in the presence of City Councillor for Culture Veronica Kaup-Hasler.

Viennale Director Eva Sangiorgi presented the program of the 60th Viennale, Michael Loebenstein (Director Austrian Film Museum) the retrospective on Yoshida Kijū and Florian Widegger (Head of Program Metro Kinokulturhaus) the program of Filmarchiv Austria, "Österreich Real".

The press materials for download can be found HERE.

The Viennale is pleased to announce this year's opening film. With the Austrian film
VERA by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel will kick off the festival on Thursday, October 20.

The Viennale includes SPARTA by Ulrich Seidl in the program of this year's festival.

The inclusion of the film in the festival program is not meant to be an expression of exoneration. But neither does the Viennale want to be part of a prejudgement of director or film.

On the occasion of the Viennale's 60th anniversary, we have commissioned not one, but several small films, festival trailers, to honor the festival's many decades of history.

The first three festival trailers come from Hamaguchi Ryusuke, Narcisa Hirsch and Nina Menkes.

The Viennale is especially pleased to dedicate this year's retrospective, organized together with the Film Museum, to the great Japanese director Yoshida Kijū.

Please find the complete press release HERE.

At the Summer Press Conference on June 29, 2022, Eva Sangiorgi presented a first preview of the program of the 60th Viennale and introduced the poster sujets as well as the trailer of this year's festival.

The press materials for download can be found HERE.

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