Tiere (OmeU)

Greg Zglinski
CH, AUT, PL 2017
95 min

ANIMALS is as easy to summarise as it is complex. Although the “main” plotline focuses on the journey of a couple from Vienna to the Swiss Alps in search of a neutral land in which to rediscover themselves, this soon branches off into an infinite number of sub-plots, like a sweet-talking octopus. Greg Zglinski strews his story with lots of smaller undercurrents that push it towards parallel dimensions of further intriguing meaning. ANIMALS is thus transformed into a giant treasure hunt, the reward at the end of which is quite simply (utopic) understanding of reality itself.
Although the film undoubtedly tells a universal story, that of the relationship between a man and a woman who are incapable of getting close, this gradually turns into a dream (or a nightmare), penetrating the characters in such a way that they melt away, making them – and us – lose our sense of what’s real: of space and time. What if the world really is much bigger than our senses can grasp? What if love is actually a feeling of elation that breaks down tangible barriers to give us a fleeting glimpse of the immensity surrounding us? (Giorgia del Don)

In the presence of Greg Zglinski and Martin Gschlacht.

  • Philipp Hochmair - Nick
  • Mehdi Nebbou - Tarek
  • Michael Ostrowski - Harald
  • Birgit Minichmaryr - Anna
  • Mona Petri - Mischa/Andrea/Ice-Cream Vendor
  • Jörg Kalt
  • Greg Zglinski
  • Piotr Jaxa
  • Reto Stamm
  • Karina Ressler
  • Bartosz Chajdecki
  • Gerald Damovsky
tellfilm, Coop99 Filmproduktion, Opus Film

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