The Nile Hilton Incident

Die Nile Hilton Affäre
Tarik Saleh
S, DEU, DK 2016
110 min

Egypt’s 2011 revolution provides the backdrop for Tarik Saleh’s unforgiving political thriller, which incrementally shifts focus from the grimy back streets of Cairo to the highest levels of parliament.
As the nephew of district police chief Kamal Mostafa, detective Noredin has easily attained the rank of captain, a position that enables him to command a significant cut of the protection money he routinely collects from the streets. So when he gets a call to investigate a murder at the Nile Hilton Hotel, it seems like an unrewarding distraction. The murder looks like a professional hit job and Noredin identifies the victim as pop singer Lalena. But before Noredin can press his investigation, Mostafa tells him to drop the case after Lalena’s death is ruled a suicide by the prosecutor’s office.
Saleh was forced to shift shooting to Casablanca after the production was shut down by the Egyptian state security service. DP Pierre Aim’s prowling camera unpeels the city’s layers of physical and moral decay in muted, contrasting tones that intermittently highlight sudden, bloody bursts of violence, confirming the barely concealed menace lurking within the untouchable corridors of power. (Justin Lowe)

  • Fares Fares - Noredin
  • Mari Malek - Salwa
  • Yasser Ali Maher - Gen. Kamal Mostafa
  • Slimane Dazi - Green Eyed Man
  • Ahmed Seleem - Hatem Shafiq
  • Mohamed Yousry - Momo
  • Tarik Saleh
  • Pierre Aïm
  • Marc Meusinger
  • Theis Schmidt
  • Krister Linder
  • Roger Rosenberg
  • Louize Nissen
ATMO, Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Final Cut for Real, Film Vast, Nordsvensk Filmunderhällning, Sveriges Television, Chimney, Scanbox

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