Sollers Point

Matthew Porterfield
USA, FRA 2017
101 min

Sentenced to a period of house arrest after his release from prison, Keith, a former gang member, is chafing at the confines of his father’s home. It doesn’t help that his dad, a former steel worker, can’t hide his contempt for the boy who let the family down by going off the rails. It is an uncomfortable situation for both men. And when Keith, being left by his girlfriend, is hooking up with stripper Jessie, he faces a confrontation with the members of his former gang.
Like in his previous work (PUTTY HILL, I USED TO BE DARKER) Matt Porterfield provides no easy answers to Keith’s plight. He rather foregrounds ambiguity and human frailty, immersing us in a world that offers complexity and contradiction rather than cut-out-and-keep moral messages.

  • McCaul Lombardi - Keith
  • James Belushi - Carol
  • Zazie Beetz - Courtney
  • Everleigh Brenner - Jessie
  • Matt Porterfield
  • Shabier Kirchner
  • Chris Swanson
  • Marc Vives
  • Sara K. White
  • Elizabeth Warn
Hamilton Film Group, Broken Wings, Le Bureau

The Bureau Sales

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