120 battements par minute (OmeU)

120 BPM
Robin Campillo
FRA 2017
144 min

Quietly epic, sad but never sentimental, and blissfully at ease with sex as life not death, 120 BATTEMENTS PAR MINUTE throws us into the debates and protests of “Act-Up Paris”, an AIDS awareness campaigning group in early 1990’s Paris. We follow Act-Up at their weekly meetings, at Gay Pride and during direct actions. Alongside its very public dramas and deft portrayal of group solidarity, the film leans in on one campaigner, Sean, as he falls in love with fellow activist Nathan and comes to terms with his own diagnosis and mortality. 120 BATTEMENTS is directed by Robin Campillo, who co-wrote 2008’s Palme d’Or-winning ENTRE LES MURS. With long scenes of discussion and collective action, this is an ensemble piece that honors and remembers a milestone of social activism. If that sounds dull, it isn’t: these are a colorful, funny, engaged bunch, and their humor lightens the film’s inevitable march toward death. (Dave Calhoun)

In the presence of Philippe Mangeot (Screenwriter).

  • Nahuel Pérez Biscayart - Sean
  • Arnaud Valois - Nathan
  • Adèle Haenel - Sophie
  • Ariel Borenstein - Jérémie
  • Saadia Bentaïeb - Sean's mother
  • Samuel Churin - Gilberti
  • Naelle Dariya - Lea
  • Philippe Mangeot
  • Robin Campillo
  • Jeanne Lapoirie
  • Robin Campillo
  • Stephanie Leger
  • Anita Roth
  • Arnaud Rebotini
  • Isabelle Pannetier
Les Films de Pierre, France 3 Cinéma, Page 114, Memento Films Production, FD Production

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