La vendedora de fósforos

The Little Match Girl
Alejo Moguillansky
Argentinien 2017
69 min

Andersen’s “Little match girl”, Bresson’s donkey, the relationship between a German guerrilla and an Argentine pianist, and Helmut Lachenmann trying to stage an opera with the orchestra of the Teatro Colón on strike. In the middle of all that, Marie and Walter try to survive with their daughter.
LA VENDEORA DE FÓSFOROS constitutes one more step in the history of elegant, secretly touching films, capable of harboring many diverse ideas in the most confident and discreet way within recent Argentine cinema. Of course, this species is quite scarce, and some of them belong with absolute justice to Alejo Moguillansky. The director invents for the characters a continuous journey through the city, postulates the almost musical way the actors move through the frame as one of the efficient ways of making that which we call film surface and reflects on the elusive nature of art. The film deploys layers of meaning with astonishing lightness, but also with that joy the obvious mastery of the director is incapable of turning into routine. (David Obarrio)

  • María Villar - Maria
  • Walter Jakob - Walter
  • Margarita Fernández - herself
  • Helmut Lachenmann - himself
  • Cleo Moguillansky - Cleo
  • Alejo Moguillansky
  • Inés Duacastella
  • Marcos Canosa
  • Alejo Moguillansky
  • Walter Jakob
  • Helmut Lachenmann
El Pampero Cine

Eugenia Campos Guevara

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