Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Die Strecke

Max Neufeld
AUT 1927
71 min

With the adaption of the stageplay by Oskar Bendiener, director Max Neufeld has constructed a cinematographic masterpiece. The story takes place at a railway station in the countryside. With the arrival of the new stationmaster the long time residents get an impression of the licentious city life. Conflict is inevitable. Carmen Cartellieri – charming and flirty as always – is the female counterpart of the metropolitan playboy. (Kristina Höch)

Live music: Wien Diesel

  • Anton Edthofer
  • Mizzi Griebl
  • Eugen Neufeld
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Hans Unterkircher
  • Maly Delschaft
  • Jacques Bachrach
  • Rosa Wachtel
  • Hans Theyer
  • Hans Ledersteger
  • Franz Meschkan
Hugo Engel-Film GmbH, Wien
35 mm
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