Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Ein Wiener Musikantenmädel

Josef Berger
AUT, DEU 1928
66 min

Anton Gabler and his daughter Franzi earn their bread and butter as musicians. One night the leader of a jazz band spots Franzi and soon she is the crowd’s favorite. Not impressed by the clumsy flirtation of Prince Korsakoff she is in love with the artist Fritz. But it’s a long way until they can be together: Fritz also works as a cashier and after a raid he gets nursed by Countess Ellen van Bergen. She’s not acting selfless and tries everything to bind him to herself. The embodiment of van Bergen, the symbiosis of self-confidence, elegance, emotion, seduction and manipulative behavior is no challenge for Carmen Cartellieri. (Kristina Höch)

Live music: Philip Quehenberger & ddkern

  • Eugen Neufeld
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Lia/Lya Justus
  • Myra Riks
  • Wolf Albach-Retty
  • Karl Friedl
  • Franz Weihmayr
  • Hans Rouc
  • Stefan Wessely
Sülfa Film GmbH, München
35 mm
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