Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Der Balletterzherzog

Max Neufeld
AUT 1927
88 min

The ageing archduke Sixtus prefers spending his time at ballet rehearsals. The young dancers are far more interesting than state affairs. He is a figure of fun at court already and it only gets worse when he falls in love with one of the women, who is also his adjutant’s object of desire. Carmen Cartellieri slips into the role of Madame Spalanzoni, a hysterical prima ballerina confronted with the loss of her royal patronage. (Kristina Hoch)

Live music: theclosing

  • Mizzi Griebl
  • Dina Gralla
  • Richard Waldemar
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Albert Paulig
  • Werner Pittschau
  • Eugen Günther
  • Max Neufeld
  • Jacques Bachrach
  • Hans Theyer
  • Hans Ledersteger
  • Franz Meschkan
Hugo-Engel-Film GmbH, Wien
35 mm
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