Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Die Würghand

Cornelius Hintner
AUT 1920
75 min

Carmen Cartellieri as a beguiling and dangerous femme fatale: Rose is in a relationship with the smuggler Toni but aims at a luxurious lifestyle. Her admirers and Toni are unaware that Rose only has her own advantage in mind and that broken hearts are just minor consequences. When she gets involved with Hannes, a well-off vineyard owner, her ruthless behavior comes to an end, because she didn’t take the myth about his family on trust… Director Cornelius Hintner proves his professional understanding and his artistic taste. (Kristina Höch)

Live music: Juergen Berlakovich & Ulrich Troyer

  • Eugen Preiss
  • Viktor Kutschera
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Hugo Werner-Kahle - Hannes
  • Adolf Weisse
  • Hans Rhoden
  • Cornelius Hintner
  • Rudolf Mayer (d. i. Rudolph Maté)
Carmen-Cartellieri- Produktion, Wien
35 mm
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