Orlacs Hände


Orlacs Hände

Robert Wiene
A, 1925
100min, stumm, dZT

Quelle: Filmarchiv Austria

Orlacs Hände

Robert Wiene
A, 1925
, 100min, stumm, dZT

Conrad Veidt
Alexandra Sorina
Fritz Kortner
Carmen Cartellieri
Hans Homma
Fritz Straßny
Louis Nerz
Robert Wiene
Günther Krampf
Hans Androschin
Stefan Wessely
Hans Rouc
Karl Exner

Pan-Film AG, Wien
35 mm

Paul Orlac – a celebrated pianist – suffers the loss of his hands due to a railway accident. Therefore he gets a new pair which belonged to an alleged robber and murderer. This sinister act puts him in a vicious circle of delusion and despair, but fortunately Carmen Cartellieri’s character is in the position to end Orlac’s torment. As the housekeeper at the Orlac residence and the bondswoman of blackmailer Nera she embodies an unusually submissive and impressionable type of woman. Four years after THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI Robert Wiene and Conrad Veidt teamed up again to create another – also visually – stunning film. (Kristina Höch)

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