Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Was ist Liebe?

Leopold Niernberger
AUT 1924
75 min

Doris impersonates artlessness and kindheartedness. She cares about everyone she loves. Her generosity doesn’t pay back, even her own sister exploits her. She experiences great misfortune before she finally finds the true love she deserves. Carmen Cartellieri and Doris Kay portray the contrary sisters. Innocence and altruism collide with amorality and egoism. The degeneration of morals and the accompanied consequences are shown. The performance of Cartellieri combines seductive eroticism and terrifying spite. (Kristina Höch)

Live music: Battle-ax (Beatrix Curran)

  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Doris Kay (Dora Kaiser)
  • Theo W. Shall
  • Rudolf Kleiser
  • Alice Hetsey
  • Carla Karman
  • Leopold Niernberger
  • Ernst Mühlrad
Staatliche Filmhauptstelle, Wien
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