Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Die Frauen des Harry Bricourt

Richard Arvay
AUT 1922
82 min

Harry Bricourt is wealthy and part of a loving family. Nevertheless he can’t resist the feminine charms of the dancers at the Moulin Rouge. When his wife finds out about his affairs she finds support from the actors Eleanor and George Hogan. They forge a plan and every woman in Harry’s life seems to disappear under gruesome circumstances. Carmen Cartellieri in the role of Eleanor – again a woman you better don’t mess with – won’t take her expressive eyes off of him and shows him what it feels like to lose a loved one.

Live music: Haskii (Milica Balubdžić)

  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Anton Tiller
  • Hans Lackner
  • Anna Magda Schloß
  • Pat Halton
  • Anna Marie Hegener
  • Richard Arvay
  • Norbert Garay
  • Leo Weitzmann
  • Norbert Garay
  • Jakob Unterberger
Jop-Film GmbH, Wien
35 mm
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