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Dear friends and colleagues,

we are pleased to inform you about the program of the 59th edition of the Viennale, Austria’s largest film festival (October 21 to 31, 2021). Besides general festival information we present this year's main program, Monographies, Cinematographies, Historiographies and the Restrospective.

HERE you can download the complete press information including the list of film guests.
You can download filmstills and other festival related pictures HERE.

At the summer press conference on August 26, Viennale Director Eva Sangiorgi presented a first preview of the program of the 59th Viennale and introduced the poster subjects as well as the trailer of this year's festival.
HERE you can download the presskit with detailed information.

The successor to the Viennale's long-time managing director Eva Rotter, who will retire at the beginning of next year, has been decided.
Paolo Calamita will take up the position on December 1, 2021.

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