Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Die Ehe einer Nacht

Robert Wohlmut
AUT 1928
74 min

The actor Sigurd Hal is spoiled by success. When his colleague Grita Gerson shows absolutely no interest in him, he gets hurt in his pride and schemes to change her mind. He finds out where her country estate is located and masquerades as the wealthy farmer Peter Hausmann. After winning her over he acts as a bully and tries to drive her right into the arms of his real self. His plan seems to fail when a persistent fan is about to uncover him: Cartellieri makes Hal’s life difficult and brings a grin to our faces now and again. (Kristina Höch)

Live music: Asfast & Idklang

  • Alfons Fryland
  • Mizzi Griebl
  • Josef Holub
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Ellen Kürti
  • Josef Rehberger
  • Josef Staud
  • Rosa Wachtel
  • Robert Reich
  • Robert Wohlmuth
  • Ludwig Schaschek
  • Hans Rouc
  • Stefan Wessely
Ottol-Film, Wien
35 mm
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