Raúl Perrone
Argentinien 2016

History has its echo and secret projection in the present. Intuitively, Perrone knows that the explosive reality of Argentina in the current years evokes a battle of the past which, every now and then, is reenacted on the national stage with a divided, clashing cast. We see the haves the have-nots, the powerful and the humble ones. Here, the conceptual characters are peasants and business people – the latter united to the military institution. The symbolic order of this almost oneiric insurrectional tale – just as Argentinian as it is universal – is reinforced by the fact that the fascist’s voice is Galtieri’s (one of the de facto presidents of the most recent Argentinian civilian-military dictatorship), and that one of the rebels looks like a discreet reincarnation of Ernesto “Che” Guevara. The plot loosely follows the slow transformation into rage of the abnegation of the weak, and their subsequent organization into a rebellion. All of it happens through a visual composition which takes freely from some sort of primitive Soviet aesthetics used by Perrone to emphasize the expressivity of faces and the indefinite nature of spatial references (through the usage of overlapping images); a visual experimentation which finds its aural equivalent in a just-as-crafted sound work. (Roger Koza)


  • Oscar Purita
  • Carlos Briolotti
  • Agostina Barach
  • Dulce Huilen Ramirez
  • Olga Quinteros
  • Susana Seisdedos
  • Guillermo Quinteros
  • Mailen Cardenas
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Fernando Sdrigotti
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Ivan Moscovich
  • Martin Farina
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Matias Parisi
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Cintia Parra
Les envies que je te desire, Trivial Media, Peliculas Anti Autor, Taller de Cine Raul Perrone

Trivial Media

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