La Mort de Louis XIV

The Death of Louis XIV
Albert Serra
FRA, P, ESP 2016
115 min

“If LA MORT DE LOUIS XIV. seems more reverent than my past work, it’s because of the subject. In this story there’s a unity of time, a unity of space, a unity of action, a unity of character. It’s difficult to be iconoclastic here, without just being provocative with empty ideas. So there’s a more inherent homogeneity to the film. And in the end it might be more conventional, which I am a little bit ashamed of [laughs]. I’m sure everyone was expecting more crazy things. But this was the best possible edit for the film. If crazy ideas would have worked better for the film, then I would have done it.” (Albert Serra interviewed by Jordan Cronk)

In the presence of Albert Serra, Julien Hogert (Camera) und Montse Triola (Producer).

  • Jean-Pierre Léaud - Louis XIV
  • Patrick D’Assumcao - Fagon
  • Marc Susini - Blouin
  • Irene Silvagni - Madame de Maintenon
  • Thierry Lounas
  • Albert Serra
  • Jonathan Ricquebourg
  • Jordi Ribas
  • Albert Serra
  • Ariadna Ribas
  • Artur Tort
  • Marc Verdaguer
  • Sebastian Vogler
  • Nina Avramovic
Capricci Production, Rosa Filmes, Andergraun Films, Bobi Lux

Capricci Films

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