Certain Women

Kelly Reichardt
USA 2016
107 min

CERTAIN WOMEN is tracing three stories that have very simple plots. Laura, a lawyer tries to separate herself from a pesky male client, a couple attempt to convince an old man to give them a pile of rocks in order to build their home, and the final story is a subversion of the former two, where the protagonist is the outsider secluded on a lonely farm, trying to connect with the adult education teacher Beth. The characters are intentionally disconnected, but beats from each story rely on the emotional revelations in the ones prior. CERTAIN WOMEN works along the lines of Ozu Yasujiro’s films. If the intangible feelings, rhythms, and pace of could be crudely decoded, demystifying the power of the film’s enigmatic images, ignoring the element of the film that moves us without being able to pinpoint exactly why, I could say the film is about realizing the existence of the world around us. I’ve never seen a film quite like it. (Josh Cabrita)

In the presence of Lily Gladstone.

  • Jared Harris - Fuller
  • Kristen Stewart - Beth Travis
  • Laura Dern - Laura Wells
  • Michelle Williams - Gina Lewis
  • James Le Gros - Ryan Lewis
  • Lily Gladstone - Jamie
  • Kelly Reichardt
  • Christopher Blauvelt
  • Paul H. Maritsas
  • Kelly Reichardt
  • Jeff Grace
  • Anthony Gasparro
  • April Napier
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