Love & Friendship

Whit Stillman
IRL, FRA, NL 2016
97 min

Jane Austen and Whit Stillman are as perfect a match as those sought after in the author’s novels, the filmmaker’s wicked wit a wink at her swooning romances with this adaptation of “Lady Susan”. The story is unlike any of Austen’s other work, centering on a rather selfish and cunning woman who uses her feminine wiles to manipulate everyone around her, flirting with the men and flattering the women. But it fits neatly into Stillman’s œuvre, another bourgeois comedy of manners. He makes comic use of the story’s roll call of characters, introducing even the most minor roles with the cinematic equivalent of trading cards, complete with descriptions like “Sir James Martin, wealthy young suitor ... a bit of a ‘Rattle’.” (Annlee Ellingson)

  • Kate Beckinsale - Lady Susan Vernon
  • Chloë Sevigny - Alicia Johnson
  • Stephen Fry - Mr. Johnson
  • Morfydd Clark - Frederica Vernon
  • Whit Stillman
  • Richard van Oosterhout
  • Sophie Corra
  • Benjamin Esdraffo
  • Anna Rackard
  • Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh
Blinder Films, Chic Films, Revolver Amsterdam

Protagonist Pictures

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