El rey del once

The Tenth Man
Daniel Burman
Argentinien 2015
79 min

When a person develops an identity based on rejection of the past, the past will often find a way to seep back in. EL REY DEL ONCE tells the humorous tale of a New york economist’s homecoming and reunion with his father in Argentina. Ariel returns to his roots in Once, a crowded, lively Jewish neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and finds himself helplessly and frantically reabsorbed into a culture he thought he had left behind.
The film is inspired by director Daniel Burman’s interactions with an eccentric man named Usher (who plays himself in the film), whom he met during a trip to Buenos Aires. Burman based the script on some very weird, very funny real-life experiences he had with Usher and his charity; perhaps this is why he is so successful in capturing the strange comical undertones inherent to dysfunctional father-son relationships. (Will Garré)

  • Alan Sabbagh - Ariel
  • Julieta Zylberberg - Eva
  • Usher Barilka - Usher
  • Elvira Onetto - Susy
  • Adrian Stoppelman - Mamuñe
  • Daniel Droblas - Hercules
  • Elisa Carricajo - Monica
  • Dan Breitman - Mumi-Singer
  • Uriel Rubin - Marcelito Cohen
  • Dalmiro Burman - Ariel, 11 Years
  • Daniel Burman
  • Catriel Vildosola
  • Daniel Ortega
  • Andrés Tambornino
  • Margarita Tambornino
  • Roberta Pesci
BD Cine, Pasto


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