O ornitólogo

The Ornithologist
João Pedro Rodrigues
P, FRA, Brasilien 2016
118 min

Fernando is an ornithologist travelling into the deep woods of Portugal in search for the endangered black stork. Almost getting lost, he encounters strange phenomenons in the woods. João Pedro Rodrigues is an undisputed master in the art of metamorphosis, confusion and surrealism. Men and animals, past and present, life and death, pain and eroticism, reality and imagination all drive THE ORNITHOLOGIST, a dreamlike film that skilfully mixes apocalyptic and mystical elements. The director explores the points of encounter between different existential realities, probes the subconscious of the protagonist as if trying to surgically extract his essence. The forest being the incarnation of fernando’s inner world: ambiguous, broken and sensual. (Muriel del Don)

  • João Pedro Rodrigues
  • Paul Hamy - Fernando
  • Xelo Cagiao
  • Han Wen
  • Chan Suan
  • Juliane Elting
  • João Pedro Rodrigues
  • João Rui Guerra da Mata
  • Rui Poças Aip
  • Nuno Carvalho
  • Raphaël Lefèvre
  • Séverine Ballon
  • João Rui Guerra da Mata
  • Patrícia Dória
Blackmaria, House on Fire, Itaca Films

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