Informe general II. El nuevo rapto de Europa

General Report II. The New Abduction of Europe
Pere Portabella
ESP 2016
126 min

A follow-up to his monumental 1976 essay film INFORME GENERAL, Pere Portabella’s GENERAL REPORT II looks at neoliberal politics, exploring the current state of economic, social and ecological aspects of European democracy from a cultural standpoint. The film encompasses a wide range of perspectives as it navigates audiences through footage of public demonstrations, symposia and more intimate conversations between politicians, grassroots activists and cultural workers. Much like its predecessor, the film emerges at a critical point in Spain’s political and economic history. Asking how cultural institutions such as the museum can function as a space for debate, GENERAL REPORT II explores various modes of political participation. Resisting any definitive solutions, Portabella’s unique approach to documentary takes the pulse of the communities implicated in Europe’s cultural, politicaleconomic and energy crises. (Tate Modern)

  • Antonio Negri
  • Jesús Carrillo
  • Zdenka Badovinac
  • Ada Colau
  • Itziar González Virós
  • Marina Garcés
  • Yaiza Hernández
  • Simona Levi
  • Nagua Alba
  • Germán Cano
  • Iñigo Errejón
  • Pere Portabella
  • Elisabet Prandi
  • Albert Manera
  • Òskar Gómez
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Films 59

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