Operation Avalanche (OF)

Matt Johnson
USA, Kanada 2016
94 min

OPERATION AVALANCHE is a fake documentary about the faked Apollo Moon landing. The story takes place in the late ‘60s, where two new ambitious CIA agents named Matt Johnson and Owen Williams are tasked with making movies that investigate various areas of agency concern. When word leaks that there is a mole in NASA leaking space race secrets to the Russians, the duo pitch their superiors to get the assignment. They’ll pose as a documentary crew making a movie about the Apollo program, they say, and with that kind of cover they’ll be able to track down the enemy agent. Once they start working they learn that NASA is far behind schedule, and won’t be able to land on the Moon. So Johnson and his team will fake the Moon landing using burgeoning movie special effects techniques in an elaborate ruse that will fool everyone from NASA Mission Control to the American people. (Bryan Bishop)

In presence of Matt Johnson.

  • Matt Johnson - Matt Johnson
  • Owen Williams - Owen Williams
  • Josh Boles - Josh Boles
  • Krista Madison - Julie
  • Matt Johnson
  • Jared Raab
  • Andrew Appelle
  • Matt Chan
  • Curt Lobb
  • Chris Crane
  • Megan Oppenheimer
XYZ Films, Resolute Films and Entertainment, Zapruder Films

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