Denis Villeneuve
USA 2016
116 min

Villeneuve’s latest is smart, hopeful, and intimately devastating science-fiction about Aliens landing on earth. Its suspense comes not from explosions but a fundamental matter of humanity. ARRIVAL won’t work for everyone as it refuses to cater to certain desires, and instead it sits comfortably in the company of films like Zemeckis’ CONTACT and Cameron’s THE ABYSS in regard to which moments of awe it rewards. Like the best science-fiction, ARRIVAL uses a “what if” scenario to turn the lens inward towards humanity itself to focus on our beauty and ugliness alike. It finds hope, but it’s not without cost. More alien intervention than invasion, this film is an exploration of language and communication – both a how-to and a treatise on its importance – that takes an early hold of both your heart and mind. It’s only when the end credits appear that you realize just how tight of a grip it’s had on both. (Rob Hunter)

  • Amy Adams - Dr. Louise Banks
  • Jeremy Renner - Ian Donnelly
  • Forest Whitaker - Colonel Weber
  • Michael Stuhlbarg - Agent Halpern
  • Mark O’Brien - Captain Marks
  • Ruth Chiang - Chinese student
  • Eric Heisserer
  • Bradford Young
  • Joe Walker
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • Patrice Vermette
  • Renée April
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