Mister Universo (OmdU)

Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
AUT, I 2016
90 min

Once more Covi/Frimmel express a unique sensibility in catching the small bites of this itinerant life, turning them in amazing narrative instruments. In this work the trigger element is a tiny iron tool, a talisman dear to Tairo, the tamer of a circus who lost it. The research for the amulet brings Tairo and his friend Wendy into two parallel journeys which, in the best Griffith tradition, can emotionally connect the two characters, revealing their mutual fondness. Between coming-of-age story and time voyage, MISTER UNIVERSO is articulated in a few human encounters.
It’s a world that seems to emerge from the fog of memories and brings back Tairo to handle his childhood. This is in fact the main subject in Covi&Frimmel movies, the feeling of lost innocence that the circus’ world keeps incarnating. MISTER UNIVERSO has the strength of simple stories, that in the end are never so simple. Just like a piece of iron bent by the strongest man in the world. (Carlo Chatrian)

In the presence of Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel and Members of the Team.

  • Tairo Caroli - Tairo
  • Wendy Weber - Wendy
  • Arthur Robin - Arthur
  • Tizza Covi
  • Rainer Frimmel
  • Tizza Covi
  • Tizza Covi
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