Short Stay

Ted Fendt
USA 2015
61 min

Mike is the kind of guy you vaguely knew in high school but never really talked to. A decade or so later, he still lives in the neighborhood and works at the local pizza joint, dreaming perhaps of another life but not doing very much to get there.
Basing an entire film around a protagonist as captivating as the Internal Revenue Code is no easy task, but fendt manages to transform Mike into someone we can’t help feeling curious about, sorry for and even a bit hopeful for – this despite the fact that he’s incapable of carrying on a normal conversation with anyone, including a girl he may indeed be in love with. Not unlike the antihero of fellow mumblecore auteur Ronnie Brownstein’s FROWNLAND, Mike is a guy who simply can’t catch a break, though he’s neither caustic nor critical of those around him – he’s just sort of a major schlub. (Jordan Mintzer)

In preserce of Ted Fendt.

  • Calvin Engime - Cal
  • Mike Maccherone - Mike
  • Elizabeth Soltan - Liz
  • Mark Simmons - Mark
  • Marta Sicinska - Marta
  • Meaghan Lydon - Meg
  • Dan Faro - Dan
  • Rob Fini - Rob
  • Ted Fendt
  • Sage Einarsen
  • Sean Dunn
  • Ted Fendt
  • Sean Dunn
  • Blake LaRue
  • Britni West
Graham Swindoll, Ted Fendt

Graham Swindoll

35 mm
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