El Cristo ciego

The Blind Christ
Christopher Murray
Chile, FRA 2016
85 min

Over the course of the slow pilgrimage of the protagonist across Northern Chile, bearing witness to the exploitation of mineral resources by big businesses that leaves the local population to rot in decline, completely incapable of taking back their land, a boy by the name of Michael re-embraces his faith after a family bereavement threatens to topple it. Citing, on several occasions, the statement that “God is not outside, but within us”, Michael invites everyone he meets, to look within themselves to find a valid conclusion from not only a spiritual, but a logical point of view: if we believe that God is within every one of us, and that God is capable of making miracles happen, then, due to our transitive nature, we’re also capable of performing miracles. (Silvia Ricciardi)

In the presence of Christopher Murray.

  • Michael Silva
  • Bastian Inostroza
  • Ana Maria Henriquez
  • Mauricio Pinto
  • Christopher Murray
  • Inti Briones
  • Claudio Vargas
  • Andrea Chignoli
  • Alexander Zekke
  • Eugenio González
  • Kim Karry
Jirafa, Ciné-Sud Promotion

Film Factory Entertainment

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