The End

Guillaume Nicloux
FRA 2016
85 min

The woods take on a life of their own in this eerie mix of fantasy and horror. Gerard Depardieu plays a weary hunter wandering through the verdant woods. First he loses his dog and then he loses his way. He continues wandering deeper and deeper until the woods become foreboding.
As in Nicloux’s most recent work, VALLEY OF LOVE, there is a pervasive and disquieting atmosphere of the unknown danger, an uncertain future. The audience and the characters are united in a powerful sense of confusion, but both feel the urge to continue down the ever-darkening path for a way out. Depardieu’s physique is cunningly used for dramatic effect as his form swells to ridiculous proportions throughout the film, only adding to the depraved fairytale imagery. The sound design reinforces the hunter’s palpable fear as we hear every branch crack under his feet, every hiss in the darkness and every anxious breath in his chest. THE END is a chilling, experimental fairytale that will raise eyebrows. (Sean Gallen)

  • Gérard Depardieu - Man
  • Swann Arlaud - Young man
  • Xavier Beauvois - Hiker
  • Audrey Bonnet - Young woman
  • Guillaume Nicloux
  • Christophe Offenstein
  • Olivier Do-Huu
  • Fanny Weinzaepflen
  • Guy Lecorne
  • Éric Demarsan
  • Anaïs Romand
Les Films du Worso, LGM Cinéma


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