Gaston Solnicki
Argentinien 2016
72 min

The title, in Hungarian, relates the film to an opera and a literary character; but here Bluebeard does not exist. Other than Bartok’s music, masterfully included in five sections. Perhaps the original Judith (from the libretto written for Bartok by Balázs) reincarnated in Argentina who now belongs to the higher class in that country. And perhaps she, too, opens a few of those mysterious doors mentioned in the text. However, what she sees there is not blood traces all over the room, but utter emptiness; nothing satisfies her, and she has no idea about what to do with her own life. Her vacations in Uruguay are just as barren as her pilgrimages to her father’s factory, or to the university where her relatives study. At the heart of this perfectly-framed film there is a staging – the suffocating contrast between those who own the matter and those who can only work it for its owners, who are destined to design the world and give orders, to rest in beautiful and affluent fortresses built by the side of nature. Judith wants to run away from all that. The tidiness and the triviality of this symbolic order is unbreathable to her. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Gaston Solnicki and Violeta Nigro (assistant director).

  • Laila Maltz - Laila
  • Katia Szechtman - Katia
  • Lara Tarlowski - Lara
  • Natali Maltz - Natali
  • Fernando Lockett
  • Diego Poleri
  • Jason Candler
  • Alan Segal
  • Francisco D’Eufemia
  • Béla Bartók
Filmy Wiktora, Frutacine

Filmy Wiktora

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