El auge del humano

The Human Surge
Eduardo Williams
Argentinien, Brasilien, P 2016
97 min

EL AUGE DEL HUMANO follows 3 young men, living on different continents, but being linked to each other by modern means. It starts in Buenos Aires, then winds up in Mozambique. Once there, the film stops to watch a character urinate on a patch of dirt. After a few moments, the camera wanders closer to his target, zooms into the ground, ventures beneath it, and zeroes in on a tiny ant crawling through the earth. When it resurfaces, we’re suddenly in the Philippines. This maneuver is typical of the acrobatic camerawork that Williams employs throughout his shrewd and inventive feature, the most ambitious debut of the year. (Eric Kohn)

“Sometimes I think of the camera as another character who’s following the ones we see, being in their same rhythm and fluidity.” (Eduardo Williams)

In the presence of Eduardo Williams.

  • Sergio Morosini
  • Shine Marx
  • Domingos Marengula
  • Chai Fonacier
  • Irene Doliente Paña
  • Manuel Asucan
  • Rixel Manimtim
  • Eduardo Williams
  • Julien Guillery
  • Joaquin Neira
  • Eduardo Williams
  • Pedro Marinho
  • Milton Rodríguez
  • Roy Llanes Roncales
  • Joseph Dennis Asuncion Gagarin
  • Alice Furtado
  • Eduardo Williams
  • Victoria Marotta
  • Victoria Marotta
Ruda Cine, Un Puma, RT Features, Bando à parte

Ruda Cine

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