La vida en común

Ezequiel Yanco
Argentinien, F 2019
70 min

Eine realistische und doch poetische Erzählung, dokumentarisch mit fiktiven Einschüben, gedreht in einem entlegenen Dorf in der Pampa im Norden Argentiniens und teilweise in lokalem Dialekt. Yanco, ein studierter Historiker, filmt die dortige Welt aus der Sicht heranwachsender Kinder und Jugendlicher, die sich in dieser archaisch anmutenden Umgebung zwischen Hi-Tech und uralten Mythen um Pumas und Jäger zurechtfinden müssen. Erwachsene kommen nicht vor – sieht man von der Lehrerin in einer Schule ab, die aussieht, als hätten Außerirdische ausgerechnet hier in der Steppe ihr Raumschiff geparkt.
(Andreas Ungerböck)

In Anwesenheit von Ezequiel Yanco.


In the desert plains of western Argentina, there is a village of about 20 concrete buildings that recall the shape of tents. Located within this remote setting charged with symbolism and history, Nación Rangel is an artificial community built on sacked, expropriated territory. Drawing on his background as a historian, Ezequiel Yanco collects the experience of that reality, where young people take on the leading role in their daily lives due to the absence of the adult population, who have either left or take no part in their development.They work out for themselves what has not been passed on to them, such that the hunting of the puma becomes a rite of passage.
The film focuses on these hybrid spaces where modernity and tradition create a new narrative, the place where the transition from adolescence to adulthood is situated. The pampa is powerful in its vastness, its intensity of colors and sounds. Yanco interweaves those different atmospheres into a tale somewhere between fiction and legend, where the voice of its young protagonist Uriel acts as our guide. In the midst of experiencing a transformation himself, Uriel can dream of being a puma. A film that shifts between different languages, in profound, poetic dialogue with history, identity, and maturation. A film to be heard and to listen to. (Eva Sangiorgi)

In the presence of Ezequiel Yanco.


  • Ezequiel Yanco
  • Joaquin Neira
  • Mercedes Gaviria
  • Ana Godoy
  • Uriel Alcaraz
  • Isaías Barroso
  • Ángel Baigorria
  • Brian Llambia
  • RodrigoAlcaraz
  • Jeremías Barroso
  • Luana Baigorria
  • Yuliana Alcaraz
  • Mabel Baigorria
  • Yamila Rodríguez
Isoi Cine, Dublin Flims

Isoi Cine

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