Monography Pierre Creton

Une saison

Pierre Creton
FRA, 2002

“I hear a lot about Yves Edouard. A farmer and cereal grower, producer of endives, everybody describes him as unique: quick-tempered, eccentric, chaotic; a character straight out of a novel. I tell myself: I have to meet him. One morning, I go to his farm, he hires me to weed the endives in the fields: pulling out weeds on a field by the ocean, that is really beautiful. I plan to film this work: impossible. Then I meet Catherine Pernot, a friend of my friend Sophie Roger. I am enchanted by her way of talking about things, even the most trivial ones. I tell her about work on the endive farm so that she can turn it into her own story. I record her, I rework her words to create a text that she subsequently has to learn and act out in front of the camera. Then, I film an interview between Yves and myself – Yves, what is violence to you? There are thus two shots in this film: Catherine, then Yves. As if they had gotten into the skin of their characters, she narrates and he answers questions.” (Pierre Creton)

In the presence of Pierre Creton and Vincent Barré.
With SECTEUR 545.


  • Catherine Pernot
  • Yves Édouard
  • Pierre Creton
  • Pierre Creton
  • Pierre Creton
  • Jean-Christophe Le forestier
  • Pierre Boulez
Pierre Creton
Pierre Creton