Monography Pierre Creton

Paysage imposé

Imposed Landscape
Pierre Creton
F 2006
51 min

Pierre Creton goes back to school to put the issue of landscape to the test of his learning. At the agricultural high school in Yvetot, students and teachers share their experience with this concept, its assessment, its future. However, the film does not turn this into a systematic study nor a theme, but rather into a musical approach because other landscapes make an appearance as well. Which ones? Those of the faces of adolescents and their movements, those of their classrooms, of their studios, of their playrooms and hallways. In short, the memory of a childhood as sure to metamorphose as the apparently immobile surroundings in which we move about. Images about time that are at least as sensitive as about space. Nothing is imposed here. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

“Yvetot, a plateau in Pays de Caux, it is snowing; there are even snowdrifts. The trees on the hill around the farms have been felled, there is nothing left to protect the town from the winds of the plain; the snow accumulates on the packed roads that lead to the high school. Paysage imposé is not just a simple visit to a high school, but an approach to experiencing or making experience something about the landscape, between the familiar and the remarkable, between the ordinary and the historic. In contrast to SECTEUR 545 and MANIQUERVILLE, PAYSAGE IMPOSÉ is completely free of any narrative. Among my films, it is the one that most resembles a drawing. With its features, its regrets. I actually perceived that during the editing process. There are so many tracks and traces: in the snow, on the ground, the bird’s-eye view of the landscape.” (Pierre Creton)

In the presence of Pierre Creton and Vincent Barré.

  • Pierre Creton
  • Ariane Doublet
  • Pierre Creton
  • Jean-Paul Buisson
  • Emmanuel Lalande
  • Françoise Lebrun
  • Michèle Bellet
  • Jorge Pereira
Atlante Productions, Capricci Films, Tenk
Pierre Creton
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