James Toback
USA 2008
90 min

Dark, intimate, violent, comic, absurd, erotic, wounding, tragic and humane: The film ranges from «Iron Mike» Tyson's earliest memories to his present dilemmas and understands the heavyweight boxer not only as an individual - the legendary and uniquely controversial international pugilistic icon - but also as a figure conjuring radical questions of race and class. Over an hour of original footage is structured around illustrative archival fight footage, interviews and photographs.
«Toback, who for three decades has directed movies about extreme characters, has always been fascinated by athlete-studs; so Tyson can't help but hit Toback's sweet spot: The fighter is smart, reflective and scary, even as he reminisces about his time in the ring. There he was a terror, an implacable mix of speed and strength. \"Once in the ring\", he says, \"I'm God.\"» (Richard Corless)

  • Mike Tyson
  • James Toback
  • Larry McConkey
  • Skip Lievsay
  • Byron Wilson
  • Aaron Yanes
  • Salaam Remi
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