Yoav Shamir
Israel, CAN 2007
87 min

Flip is a sequel to Checkpoint - a film I made in 2003 portraying scenes from military roadblocks in the occupied territories. Checkpoint focused on the soldiers and the impact that the occupation had on Israeli society. Most people don't realize what happens to these soldiers after they are released from their military service. The numbers are staggering: Out of approximately 50,000 discharged, about 30,000 will travel to India. My new film Flip does just that - it tells the story of the odyssey young Israelis go through right after the army. I had followed a very similar road myself: After three years of military service - many months of it in the occupied territories - I traveled abroad and spent a long time doing exactly what the young people in my film are doing. I wasn't self-aware enough back then to realize what it all meant. I just followed the conventions of my society: All of my friends did it, so I did it, too. (Yoav Shamir)

  • Yoav Shamir
  • Yoav Shamir
  • Jonathan Ofek
  • Amnon Zalait
  • Haim Meir
  • Sandrine Beeri
  • Era Lapid
  • Ophir Leibovitch
Topia Communications 2 Pinsker St. Tel Aviv 63322, Israel T 3 629 72 22

Cinephil 18 Levontin St. Tel Aviv 65112, Israel T 3 566 41 29

35 mm
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