Cinematography Cecilia Mangini

Stendalì (suonano ancora)

Stendalì (Still They Toll)
Cecilia Mangini
I 1960
10 min

A piece on the dissolution of boundaries, a heterotopy en miniature, a cheerful ode from the fringes of society: LA CANTA DELLE MARANE takes place among a bunch of boys, who frolic aside a canal in the suburbs of Rome, forming a visual poem dedicated to the Borgate, which had an important role in the narratives of Pier Paolo Pasolini. The film is also inspired by his novel “Ragazzi di vita”, with the lyrics written by Pasolini himself, who also contributed the texts to Mangini’s IGNOTI ALLA CITTÀ and STENDALÌ. IGNOTI joins a group of youngsters in Rome, who roam the streets to kill time, petty thieves taking their share of life. Mangini once again impresses here with a mix of empathy and uncompromising political attitude. Her camera tirelessly wanders through the streets. It’s a cinema of specific action, evoking a strong sense of realities untold. STENDALI is a reflection on the traditions of the South. In Salento, women dressed in black mourn a death, as Mangini’s frequent dialectical montage – here furiously speeded up – shifts the scenery towards the unfamiliar, amplified by the avant-garde score of Egisto Macchi. Seeing these women’s unveiled faces once again brings Pasolini to mind, when he claimed that fascism only left scratches on the Italian soul, but consumerism destroyed it. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

In the presence of Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanell.

35 mm
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