Cécilia Mangini

Director of

Born in Mola di Bari, Italy, is an Italian director, writer and photographer. After her debut as a film critic (in Cinema Nuovo, Cinema '60, L'Eco del cinema), she began her work with her husband, Lino Del Fra, and, also in collaboration with Pier Paolo Pasolini, with documentary works on the outskirts of the city and on the social control of the lower classes.  During this time she made numerous short films, a selection is shown at this year's Viennale. In 2012 Cécilia Mangini supported the mobilizations against pollution produced by the local steel industry in Taranto. She also made the documentary IN VIAGGIO CON CECILIA, returning to directing after more than forty years.
Films (selection): STENDALÌ: SUONANO ANCORA (1960, short), MARIA E I GIORNI (1960, short), DIVINO AMORE (1961, short), ALL'ARMI SIAM FASCISTI! (1962), LA STATUA DI STALIN (1963, short), TOMMASO (1967, SHORT), LA TORTA IN CIELO (1970), LA VILLEGGIATURA (1973), IN VIAGGIO CON CECILIA (2013).