Special: Fritz Kortner

Schatten – eine nächtliche Halluzination

Artur Robison
DEU 1923
85 min

A banquet organised by a wealthy baron and his wife is the scene of an incident occurring with a shadow player. He has a vision of what will happen at night if the baron continues to be jealous.
“Shadows, reflections and other illusions add up to convert the latent jealousy of the baron into drama. Director Arthur Robison portrays an obsessive state of mind, the characters (the jealous husband, the flirtatious wife, the unrestrained beau) all act as if they were puppets. Kortner’s interpretation of the baron is in a constant state of flux between naive infatuation and obsessively grotesque jealousy, until the spell is eventually broken at the end.” (Martin Girod)

Piano accompaniment by Florian Reithner.

  • Alexander Granach - Shadowplayer
  • Fritz Rasp
  • Rudolf Klein-Rogge
  • Fritz Kortner - Husband
  • Ruth Weyher - Wife
  • Gustav von Wangenheim - Her lover
  • Ferdinand von Alten
  • Eugen Rex
  • Artur Robison
  • Rudolf Schneider
  • Fritz Arno Wagner
  • Albin Grau
  • Albin Grau
  • Albin Grau
Pan-Film GmbH, Berlin, im Auftrag der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Film-Union AG (Dafu), Berlin
35 mm
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