Special: Fritz Kortner

Die Büchse der Pandora

Georg Wilhelm Pabst
DEU 1929
135 min

A story taken from Frank Wedekind’s stage play “Erdgeist” features the complex character of Dr. Schön (Fritz Kortner), the chief editor used to success, and spoilt by success. He aims to be accepted by society but proves incapable of resisting the erotic appeal of Lulu, the “girl from the streets”. In the end, he has no other choice but to marry her – and ends up a broken man. Kortner demonstrates his amazing wealth of nuances as an actor: In one single act, his deep fall ranges from a triumphant Dr. Schön who wrongly feels secure to a man committing social suicide. (Martin Girod)

Piano accompaniment by Florian Reithner.

  • Louise Brooks - Lulu
  • Franz Lederer - Alwa Schön
  • Fritz Kortner - Dr. Peter Schön
  • Carl Götz - Schigolch
  • Krafft Raschig
  • Alice Roberte
  • Daisy d’Ora
  • Ladislaus Vajda
  • Günther Krampf
  • Joseph R. Fieseler
  • Andrej Andrejew
  • Bohumil Heš
  • «Erdgeist» (1895) und «Die Büchse der Pandora» (1904) von Frank Wedekind
  • Bohumil Heš
Nero-Film AG, Berlin
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