Special: Fritz Kortner

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler

James P. Hogan
USA 1943
74 min

A civil servant who occasionally imitates Hitler’s manner of speaking surprisingly well, just for fun, is kidnapped by the SS and used as Hitler’s double. The script, co-authored by Kortner, provides the framework for a number of politically explosive questions: to submit or to resist? Individual versus collective resistance? What is the possible impact of an attempted assassination of a political leader? What is the role of the German military? “Barely any Hollywood film has ever articulated so clearly the middle class’s guilt with regard to the Nazis’ rise to power.” (Jan-Christopher Horak)

Introduction by Martin Girod.

  • Ludwig Donath - Franz Huber/Adolf Hitler
  • Gale Sondergaard - Anna Huber
  • George Dolenz - Herman Marbach
  • Fritz Kortner - Farmer
  • Wolfgang Zilzer
  • Gene Roth
  • Merrill Rodin
  • Fritz Kortner
  • Joe May
  • Jerome Ash
  • Milton Carruth
  • Paul Landes (ungenannt)
  • William Lava
  • Hans J. Salter
  • Paul Sawtell
  • John B. Gordon
  • Ralph De Lacy
  • Vera West
Universal Pictures
35 mm
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