Special: Fritz Kortner

Der Ruf

Josef von Báky
BRD 1949

Invited by the University of Göttingen back in 1948, Professor Mauthner returns home after 15 years of exile. However, Germany turns out to be an enormous disappointment to the returnee. Even among his peers, Mauthner continues to feel the old aversion to his Jewish descent. (...) Even though Fritz Kortner’s ambitious post-War film was a huge flop – not least because of the serious topic – it is the most important film document of German remigration besides Peter Lorre’s DER VERLORENE (1951). (Martin Prucha)

  • William Sinnigen - Elliot
  • Fritz Kortner - Professor Mauthner
  • Johanna Hofer - Lina
  • Rosemary Murphy - Mary
  • Lina Carstens - Emma
  • Michael Murphy - Spencer
  • Fritz Kortner
  • Walter Rühland
  • Werner Krien
  • Wolfgang Becker
  • Georg Haentzschel
  • Fritz Lück
  • Fritz Maurischat
  • Hans Sohnle
Objektiv Film GmbH, München
35 mm
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