From the Heart of the World


Bitter Fruit
Kamara Kamalowa
Udssr 1975
65 min

It's summertime and a carefree holiday rhythm for two teenage girlfriends, Nargiz et Lali. Both are from a small industrial town lying at the foot of a picturesque mountain. Nargiz, the elder of the two, seems ready to do anything to attract the attention of Erken, a hero figure for the gang of neighborhood children. But here the problem begins, as Erken remains indifferent, not wanting to lower himself to striking up a friendship with a girl. Lali, meanwhile, is very upset by her friend's strange behavior.

  • Schachida Gafurowa - Nargis
  • Schachnas Burchanowa - Lali
  • Beksod Chamrajew - Jerken
  • Baba Annanow - Lalis Vater
  • Antonina Rustamowa - Lalis Mutter
  • M. Rachimchodjajewa - Mansura
  • M. Sachibowa - Issatik
  • Z. Redjametow - Sabir
  • O. Narullajew - Tula
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