Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
RO 2010
180 min

Serge Daney said that, with the birth of the Cinema – more than a century ago – any historical event also exists on film and this can be brought in as a witness of those events. Andrei Ujică takes this thought one step further and says, in his astonishing The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu: the life on any historical character sufficiently filmed during his life can be reconstructed by putting together the footage that already exists. In other words, we can make a “fiction” film using real characters. Ujic didn’t shoot anything, because everything had already been shot; he, purely and simply, edited the archive material “with Ceauşescu” and reconstructed his historical adventure – an adventure which, because we’re dealing with a head of state, formed the very destiny of his country and his people. (Alex Leo Şerban)

  • Harun Farocki
  • Andrei Ujica
  • Andrei Ujica
  • Dana Bunescu
  • Dana Bunescu
Icon Production

Mandragora International

35 mm
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