Nicolas Wadimoff
CH, Katar 2010
86 min

A report from the Gaza Strip in February 2009, just one month after the end of Israel’s military offensive: Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza) tells the story about the wait after the disaster; the wait for a better future inside the biggest prison in the world. Planes still prowl above their heads, the bombings don’t stop. Men and women ro am around in the ruins. A family of farmers dazedly gathers up wood from the 56 olive trees from which they have been living for generations. A mother dresses the wounds of her son who dreams of becoming a martyr. Through encounters in places that would be ordinary elsewhere – but which here take on another meaning – the film portrays a different Gaza: poetic, at times surreal. And it questions the meaning of life: How can people survive here? (Nicolas Wadimoff)

  • Nicolas Wadimoff
  • Béatrice Guelpa
  • Frank Rabel
  • Monther Abou Eyada
  • Darg Team
  • Karin Sudan
Akka Films JCC Al Jazeera Children’s Channel

Autlook Filmsales

35 mm
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