Art of Speaking (Mafrouza 5), The
Emmanuelle Demoris
Egypt, FRA 2010
155 min

A series of five films made over a two-year period, Mafrouza takes us into the heart of a shanty town in Alexandria, built on the site and remains of a Greco-Roman necropolis. The last part of the series, Paraboles, focuses on Mohamed Khattab who runs a grocery store in the area. A sheik, he also preaches the Friday sermon in the local mosque, but in the holiday period, the “beards” arrive to take over the mosque. Mohamed Khattab doesn’t agree with this old tradition but keeps quiet.

In the presence of Emmanuelle Demoris.

  • Emmanuelle Demoris
  • Jean-Luc Audy
  • Emmanuelle Demoris
  • Céline Ducreux
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