André Heller, Lukas Sturm
AUT 2010
79 min

Gert Voss in a talk with Harald Schmidt.
Based on an idea by André Heller.

The film <![CDATA[<i>]]>«Scheitern, scheitern, besser scheitern!»<![CDATA[</i>]]> is a portrait of the great actor Gert Voss, developed by order of the ORF and based on an idea by André Heller. Two men sit by the kitchen table in the villa of André Heller in Gardone and chat in the most wonderful, serious, funniest, sometimes most evil and always wittiest way about the theater, about acting, about encounters with directors and colleagues: The actor Gert Voss and the entertainer Harald Schmidt. And then again the entertainer Gert Voss and the actor Harald Schmidt.

Voss tells about his work experiences with almost every great director of the German speaking theater world. And about not so great ones. But the word “tell” is only an insufficient description of the generous, precise and sophisticatedly funny way of his talking and remembering. But it is not an adulation of the theater but a chat on the kitchen table – from Peter Stein to Peter Alexander from George Tabori to Niki Lauda from Thomas Bernhard to Hilde Hawlicek. And also the new Burgtheatre director doesn’t miss out. Don’t miss these one and a half hours of a great, serious pleasure. Something much better you can’t do anyway on this Sunday morning.

Afterwards there will be a talk between Gert Voss, André Heller and Hans Hurch.

Tickets for this event are only available at the pre-sale box offices, the cinemas and via telephone due to technical reasons.

neulandfilm im Auftrag des ORF
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