Tribute: Christopher Walken

The Addiction

Abel Ferrara
USA, Argentinien 1995
84 min

This is one wild, weird, wired movie, the kind that really shouldn’t be seen before midnight. Taylor is commanding as New York philosophy student Kathleen Conklin. Dragged into a back alley, she’s vamped by Sciorra’s voluptuous Casanova. Soon she starts obsessing on images of My Lai and the Holocaust, name-dropping Nietzsche, Sartre and Heidegger, and taking a syringe to a vagrant’s artery for a late-night snack.
Shot in black and white, with an effectively murky jungle/funk/rapscore, this is the vampire movie we’ve been waiting for: a reactionary urban-horror flick that truly has the ailing pulse of the time. AIDS and drug addiction are points of reference, but they’re symptoms, not the cause. Ferrara’s chiaroscuro imagery is as striking as anything in Coppola’s DRACULA, while the voice-over narration often recalls APOCALYPSE NOW. Scary, funny, magnificently risible, this could be the most pretentious B-movie ever – and I mean that as a compliment. (Tom Charity)

In the presence of Abel Ferrara.

  • Lili Taylor - Kathleen Conklin
  • Christopher Walken - Peina
  • Annabella Sciorra - Casanova
  • Edie Falco - Jean
  • Paul Calderone - Professor
  • Nicholas St. John
  • Ken Kelsch
  • Mayin Lo
  • Joe Delia
  • Charles M. Lagola
  • Melinda Eshelman
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35 mm
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