Tribute: Christopher Walken

Batman Returns

Tim Burton
USA 1992
126 min

In its scatteredness and schizophrenia, BATMAN RETURNS manages to feel like a summation of the Dark Knight’s comic book history up to that point. Tonally, the film repeatedly switches between melodramatic tragedy and comedy, mirroring the way that the straight forward adventure strip of the 30’s became something more ridiculous and comedic in the 50’s to escape censure, before then turning to increasingly self-important drama in the 80’s and early 90’s … and the film goes even deeper into the rabbit hole into the eclectic history of the strip; Christopher Walken’s character is named Max Shreck, a reference to actor Max Schreck, famous for playing the lead role in the 1922 movie NOSFERATU, who was occasionally referenced as an inspiration in the creation of the Joker, years later. BATMAN RETURNS is a movie informed by the range of Batman’s experiences over 50 years. (Graeme McMillan)

“It’s about depression, and it’s about a lack of integration. It’s about a character. I always see it being about those things, not about some kind of hero who is saving the city.” (Tim Burton on “Batman”)


  • Michael Keaton - Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Danny DeVito - The Penguin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer - Cat Woman/Selina
  • Christopher Walken - Max Shreck
  • Daniel Waters
  • Stefan Czapsky
  • Chris Lebenzon
  • Danny Elfman
  • Bo Welch
  • Bob Ringwood
  • Mary Vogt
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
35 mm
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