Tribute: Christopher Walken

At Close Range

_x000d_Auf kurze Distanz
James Foley
USA 1985
113 min

A downbeat tale of brutal family relations, James Foley’s AT CLOSE RANGE is a very tough picture. Violent without being vicarious, this true story is set in a small Pennsylvania town in 1978. It introduces young Brad as just another rather tough kid with an eye for a new girl and fiercely protective of his brother. (Variety)

AT CLOSE RANGE begins conventionally, like one of those S.E. Hinton “young-adult” novels about alienated youth abandoned by everyone over the age of 25. It is, however, something much more interesting – a movie about the casual corruption of a young man by his father in a world totally without values. AT CLOSE RANGE is a strange hybrid of a movie. Mr. Kazan’s screenplay is lean and to the point. Characters are established with the efficiency of an old Warner Brothers program picture.They always say what they mean, to the extent that they know what they mean. The screenplay moves. (Vincent Canby)

35mm-copy from the collection of the Austrian Filmmuseum

  • Sean Penn - Brad Jr.
  • Christopher Walken - Brad Sr.
  • Mary Stuart Masterson - Terry
  • Christopher Penn - Tommy
  • Nicholas Kazan
  • Juan Ruiz-Anchía
  • Howard Smith
  • Patrick Leonard
  • Peter Jamison
  • Hilary Rosenfeld
Park Circus
35 mm
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