Tribute: Christopher Walken

True Romance

Tony Scott
USA 1993
120 min

TRUE ROMANCE, a vibrant, grisly, gleefully amoral road movie directed by Tony Scott and dominated by the machismo of Quentin Tarantino (who wrote this screenplay before he directed RESERVOIR DOGS), is sure to offend a good-sized segment of the moviegoing population. But those viewers are the ones who would never go to see a film starring Christian Slater in the first place, and who have no taste for the malevolently funny bad-boy posturing that is the very essence of TRUE ROMANCE. As befits the B-movie traditions from which they come, Clarence and Alabama fall instantly in love and hit the road. “Don’t wait for the dust to settle,” says a billboard outside Clarence’s window, and in this film no one ever does. Thanks to a mix-up involving a suitcase full of cocaine, the two lovers are also outlaws. Each of the minor performers here is treated as a guest star, and allowed to make the most of his character’s little idiosyncrasies. (Janet Maslin)


  • Christian Slater - Clarence Worley
  • Patricia Arquette - Alabama Whitman
  • Val Kilmer - Mentor
  • Gary Oldman - Draxl Spivey
  • Brad Pitt - Floyd
  • Dennis Hopper - Clifford Worley
  • Christopher Walken - Vincenzo Coccotti
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Jeffrey L. Kimball
  • Michael Tronick
  • Christian Wagner
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Benjamín Fernández
  • Susan Becker
Morgan Creek Productions, Davis-Films, August Entertainment
35 mm
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